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Staying in Shape: Maintaining Your Beard

Staying in Shape graphic

Consider us your ’Beard Guide’ as we help you discover the right look and how to maintain it. 

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This or That? How to Know Which Wet Goods Products to Use for What

this or that wet good graphic

Follow along as we compare a number of our wet goods products and give you the skinny on what you need based on what you want.

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The Traveling Beard: Taking Care of Your Facial Hair While you Travel

Beard Care Travel Kit

A wise (and probably bearded) man once said, “vacation is having nothing to do, but having all day to do it,” and we agree. While we don’t expect you to spend all your time on vacay focusing on proper beard care, below is a guide for keeping a low-maintenance, yet tidy vacation beard on your travels.

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Don’t Let Your Beard Care Go To The Dogs

Man with beard holding a french bulldog

You may have read a recent article from USA Today that pitted two of man’s favorite things against each other: dogs and beards, and the cleanliness of both. With these simple steps, you can make sure to keep your beard clean, fresh, and smelling nice.

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A 5-Step Routine to a Healthier Beard

Wet Goods Beard Care Steps

Contouring that keratin takes both practice and repetition. So, once you have trimmed your beard to perfection, stick to this five-step routine to create a beard the ladies will love and the gents will envy.

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4 Essential Oils Your Grooming Products Should Have

Wahl beard care products on a bathroom counter top

Not all men's grooming products are created equal. While the scent is half the allure, the ingredients that help protect a man’s hair and skin are just as important.

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Grooming the Groom: Pre-Wedding Grooming Checklist

Wedding Pictures of man with beard and his wife

There’s one aspect of wedding day prep the groom can’t procrastinate—grooming. Don’t stress; follow these ‘I did’ steps before saying ‘I do.’

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How to Maintain the Perfect Playoff Beard

My team vs. Your team playoff beards

As this year’s contenders advance to the MLB playoffs, Wahl’s team of facial hair experts are here to offer some advice on achieving the lucky playoff beard.

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