For General Questions

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Due to the Stay at Home order issued by the Governor of Illinois, we are unable to answer calls, but we are available at [email protegido] to answer any questions.

Preguntas frecuentes

We have received questions concerning the coronavirus pandemic and would like to address some of them here.

Is it safe to open packages received from Wahl or should I wait a few days? A: Wahl Clipper cleans its product before placing it in the package, but it is advisable to disinfect all packages that arrive during a pandemic.

Those expressing concerns for our employees working. A: Thank you for your concern. We are taking this situation very seriously. To preserve the health and safety of our employees, we are closely following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

What are we doing to prevent the spread of the virus? A: We have taken extra measures to keep social distancing, increase sanitization, and provide personal protection, while continuing to produce products and serve our customers. Non-production related people are working remote to decrease the amount of people at our facility.

How is the virus affecting our ability to produce, ship, and service our product? A: Like everyone, the virus has impacted our supply chain and our ability to produce at capacity. That said, we continue to produce and serve our customers in these unprecedented times.

How do we know if any of your employees have the virus and what they may have touched? A: We monitor our employees, equip them with hygienic gloves, instruct on social distance, and clean our products prior to packing. We are sanitizing workstations and public areas throughout the day and night. Moreover, we have clearly instructed our employees to stay home if they might be sick.