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Grooming your dogs and cats at home can save you lots of time and money. It can also get rid of the stress that comes with bringing your pet to a vet or groomer.  Wahl has a full line of pet grooming products and offers tips to get the job done. Wahl pet grooming is the right place for products, tips, and expert pet grooming advice.  

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The Perfect Tools for Grooming Your Pet

The right pet grooming tools make it possible to perform pet grooming in the comfort of your own home. Brushing, bathing, clipping, or taking care of nails, eyes, ears and teeth are all possible. Wahl has what you need to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy from the comfort of your home.

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Haga que su mascota huela y luzca muy bien con los champús para perros y gatos de Wahl's. Los champús con fórmulas sin agua son ideales para una limpieza rápida. También hay atomizadores desodorantes que ayudan a mantener a las mascotas limpias, aromáticas, felices y saludables.

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Find the Right Care Information for Your Pet

Wahl has an easy-to-use tool that lets you get specific grooming information for your dog or cat's breed, type or size.

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Dirty Dogs Contest

Scruffy was found along the side of a road by a passing driver, who then called a rescue organization. Under his shell of fur, groomers found a harness, sticks and other debris. Once cleaned up, his transformation into a handsome little guy with a big heart was truly remarkable. Scruffy no longer looks like his name, and his new mom thinks the world revolves around him. Scruffy’s amazing makeover won him the top prize in the ninth annual Dirty Dogs Contest. The yearly effort demonstrates the power of grooming, and awards the top three dogs with grant money for their local shelters.


Learn How to Groom Your Pet

Brushing and combing your pet’s fur on a regular basis helps remove mats and tangles. It also assists with the shedding and keeping hair off your clothes and furniture. Wahl offers a wide variety of dog and cat fur brushes and combs to help keep everyone happy. Grooming doesn't end with brushing though. Check out the links below to learn more about how to groom your pets.

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