Looking for pain relief in your life? Read what the experts are saying.

Whether you're suffering from chronic pain, everyday aches and pains, or if you're just looking for fitness recovery tips, we've gathered knowledge from a variety of experts on how to live a healthier, more pain-free life. 

High Blood Pressure Is on the Rise, Learn Tips to Help Manage It

In the past year, the incidence of high blood pressure has risen. Now more than ever it’s crucial we find ways to manage our blood pressure. Luckily, with some relatively easy lifestyle changes, controlling blood pressure is in our control.

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7 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself at the Start of My Fitness Journey

A woman using a Wahl handheld massager for fitness recovery.

Fitness is a journey. There’s no destination, it’s an ever-evolving process. Your body changes all the time and you’re never going to get to a point where you can just be like, okay, I’m done. When I started my fitness journey, I definitely thought that would be the case. Learn the things I wish I could time-travel back and tell myself.

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Five Things Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

A person using a Wahl handheld massager for fitness recovery.

You might be unintentionally sabotaging your fitness goals if you’re exercising but not losing weight. Learn five insightful tips as to what might be holding you back from that hot bod you’ve been working so hard to hone to perfection.

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6 Tips for Managing Pain in the Age of COVID-19

Masajeador Deep Tissue de Wahl

September is National Pain Awareness Month and it’s the perfect time to pause and take a look at how daily life during a pandemic can impact our health, especially for those living with chronic pain. While it’s important to check with your doctor for guidance on treating your specific condition, these expert tips can help reduce your pain during the age of COVID-19.

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Workout Mistakes That Can Leave You in Pain

A woman using a wahl handheld massager on her hamstring.

Being active is essential in leading a healthy lifestyle, remember movement is medicine, but we need to make sure we’re also caring for our bodies after exercise. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your workout routine productive and pain-free.

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5 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness Fast

A woman using a Wahl Deep-Tissue LIthium Ion Percussion Massager.

Is your workout leaving you with muscle soreness? From easy self-massage to stretching, a fitness expert shares her top tips to reduce soreness after a new or challenging workout routine.

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5 Tips to Treat the Painful Realities of Working from Home

Hand-held massagers are an effective and convenient option for relieving pain. The Wahl Deep Knead Massage Wrap offers both heat therapy and shiatsu massage therapy; simply wrap it around your upper back or neck and pull the soft and flexible handgrips for customized pressure.

The idea of working from home may sound appealing, but many people are discovering the reality is very different. In addition to challenges like navigating an uprooted schedule, wrangling children and sharing your Wi-Fi bandwidth with a household, pesky pains have likely crept up. In fact, 50 million people live with chronic pain, many of whom are experiencing exacerbated symptoms due to recent lifestyle changes like working from home. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has increased barriers in obtaining treatment; so while a comprehensive treatment plan from your doctor is recommended, the following tips can help manage your pain while you’re at home. 

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3 Pain-Relief Treatments with Bonus Benefits

Bonus Benefits

When it comes to pain-management options, not surprisingly, safe and effective pain relief should be priority number one. What may be surprising, however, is that some treatments have advantages that go beyond pain relief. In fact, there are a number of affordable and convenient pain treatments that work to alleviate symptoms – and come with bonus benefits. The following pain-relief treatments are sustainable, have additional advantages and most importantly they’re often times effective for many types of painful conditions when combined with a comprehensive treatment plan.

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6 Healthy Habits You'll Actually Enjoy

A person walking their dog.

Every year when the calendar flips to January, people start thinking about developing healthier habits. And to be honest, most of them are pretty miserable or extreme - like giving up sugar or running every day if you’re not a runner. But developing healthy habits doesn't have to suck the joy out of your life. We're here to show you that developing healthy habits can actually be enjoyable and sustainable.

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Why Men & Women Feel Pain Differently

A man and woman on a hike with their binoculars.

Billie Jean King might have won the battle of the sexes when she beat Bobby Riggs in a winner-take-all tennis match back in 1973, but chances are if she had sustained an injury in the match, things would have taken a different turn.

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4 Tips for Pain Relief Quick

A woman on a walk.

When you’re in pain, you have one thing on your mind – please make it stop. Luckily there are many pain management options out there, some work faster than others, and some even have an immediate effect. And while opioids can serve an important function, my advice for patients is to try a non-medication approach first. The following pain-relief tips are sustainable and most importantly they’re often times effective for many types of pain conditions when combined with a comprehensive treatment plan.

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7 Proven Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles & Speed Up Recovery

A women drinking water in the middle of her workout.

Working out and muscle soreness seem to go hand in hand. Thankfully, there are all sorts of ways to relieve sore muscles and speed up the recovery process. But first, let’s look at the reason behind muscle soreness.

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5 Tips to Take Control of Your Pain

A patient and doctor during an appointment.

Taking control of painful symptoms is challenging under even the best of circumstances. Yet, taking affirmative steps in this regard can be empowering. These five tips can help you manage your pain both on your own and in connection with others.

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Five Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Pain Relief

A Wahl deep tissue massager and the attachments in the gym.

Pain, in addition to causing physical distress, can cause significant emotional distress, making you mighty cranky, depressed, stressed and anxious.

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Scary Side Effects of Sitting

A woman sitting on a yoga mat.

It’s been called both dangerous and harmful, and we’re told we are, as a society, doing way too much of it. And that it can hurt our health in a big way.

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

A woman massaging her leg with a Wahl massager.

Pain has an annoying way on creeping up on you…and if you’re not careful, in time it can take over your life. Like a houseguest who loves your hospitality a bit too much, once you’ve got it, it can be a challenge to get it to pack up and leave.

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Don’t Go to Great Pains: 4 Easy Options for Relief

Person meditating to relax naturally.

In addition, physicians and patients alike often overlook the non-pharmacologic alternatives to pain medication. So in honor of September being National Pain Awareness Month, here are some natural pain relief options that are both inexpensive and extremely effective.

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5 Caffeine-Free Ways to Improve Energy

A man using a Wahl deep tissue massager while in the gym.

Have you convinced yourself that coffee is the only thing that can wake you up in the morning? You’re not alone.

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3 Massage Techniques for Those in Chronic Pain

Someone writing a list of 3 types of massage.

Living with mild to moderate chronic pain can feel isolating and hopeless. Though you may feel alone, you’re not. Around 25 million American adults suffer from chronic pain each day. At-home massages like Wahl’s Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager can help improve or alleviate these painful symptoms. Here are three different types of massages to try at home when suffering from mild to moderate chronic pain.

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Tips for When Technology Becomes a Literal “Pain in the Neck”

A woman using a Wahl neck and shoulder massager.

Whether you’re reading an email from the boss or loading up your virtual shopping cart, we are all glued to our phones and devices now more than ever before.

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6 Things That Happen When You Don’t Take a Rest Day

A person running outside.

If you're someone who has a hard time taking a rest day, you may think differently after reading this.

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Moms and Massage, a Perfect Marriage

A woman on a massage table at a spa.

Mother's Day is approaching, and if your celebration includes gifts, it's not too early to start dropping some hints.

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Tips Toward a Better Massage

A woman getting a professional massage.

It’s great to be able to give yourself a massage at home, and equally nice to go out for one. Either way, it’s a treat. And because a massage can be such an integral tool to better health, you’ll want to get the most of it.

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Five Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Your Sanity When You’re in Pain

A woman in pain rubbing her shoulder.

The pain began as a dull off-and-on ache between my shoulder blades. But then, seemingly overnight, it progressed into a persistent, sharp and stinging sensation that moved beyond my neck and down into my arm.

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Los 4 principales lugares donde el estrés se esconde en el cuerpo

A woman grabbing her shoulder blade.

Conocer en qué lugares se esconde el estrés en el cuerpo es el primer paso para controlarlo con cambios en los estilos de vida, como una dieta mejorada o usar un masajeador manual. Estos son los 4 lugares del cuerpo afectados por el estrés cuando cada día es una lucha teórica.

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Olvídese del insomnio con un masaje

Person sleeping next to a Wahl massager.

El sueño es la manera que tiene el cuerpo de rejuvenerse al final de cada día. Unfortunately for 1 in 3 people, insomnia has different ideas. Las pastillas para dormir pueden ayudar de manera temporal pero reducirán su efectividad después de algunas semanas. Para quienes sufren de insomnio, un masajeador puede ayudar a la mente y al cuerpo a descansar antes de poder dormir. Aquí le explicamos cómo puede ayudar un masaje.

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Cuando la comida se vuelve en contra: 4 secretos para evitar naturalmente el reflujo ácido

A Wahl massager next to glass of water.

There are a variety of medications available to help prevent the symptoms of acid reflux, both over-the-counter and prescription, but resorting to medication doesn’t have to be your only option. Here are some simple lifestyle adjustments that can often prevent or reduce symptoms:

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Don't Let These Obstacles Get in the Way of Your Workout

A person that's on a run stopping to rub their calf.

Whether we feel tired, sick, sore, or too busy to fit in a workout, life can and often does get in the way of our fitness goals. But there’s a saying I go back to, by Jim Rohn, when this happens to me: “either you run the day, or the day runs you.” And it’s true! YOU have the power to overcome obstacles standing between you and accomplishing your workout. Let’s overcome these workout obstacles together so we can move on with our day feeling great!

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Make It a Habit: 5 Tips For a Pain-Free You

A woman peacefully sleeping.

For people with chronic pain, life can be hard. The unrelenting pain may make you feel uncomfortable and cranky and even hopeless at times. But it’s more within your control than you think; switching bad habits for good ones can help ease the pain and improve – and potentially prolong – your life.

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Best Massages for Stress Relief

Giving a hand massage

One of the best ways to deal with stress is massage. Whether it’s with a handheld massager, on a professional masseur’s table or with a massage partner, it’s a wonderful way to soothe your body and melt your stress away.

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Best Foods to Eat & to Avoid for Stress Relief

A woman relaxing

When it comes to stress, what you do and do not eat can play a major role in how long it stays and how much it affects you.

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Reducing Stress Through Music

Two women on a walk.

If you’re finding yourself stressed, it might be time to try some new relaxation techniques.

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Tips for Relieving Stress at Work

A stressed woman rubbing her shoulder at work.

The vast majority of us have to deal with stress at work. The level differs from job to job but how we deal with stress often determines how successful we are.

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Things to Do to Relieve Stress

A woman stretching.

Work deadlines. School demands. Family squabbles. Maddening commutes. Financial strains. High-maintenance friends. Unrealistic expectations.

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4 Simple Ways to Feel Healthier When the Cold Weather Sets In

A woman relaxing in a bubble bath.

We’re coming up on Fall, a time of year where kids go back to school, the office gets a little more serious, and it is a great time to mentally and physically “Reset”.

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How to Use Heat vs Cold Therapy to Treat Injuries

Woman with injured neck

When we work out, we have the best of intentions: to get stronger, lose weight, or simply improve our attitude for the day.

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7 Tips for Taking Your Fitness Routine On The Road

People doing yoga on a beach.

Keeping up with a fitness routine is hard enough at home, when you have access to all your equipment, workout clothes, and regular routine.

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4 Ways to Take Control of Your Anxiety This Holiday Season

Woman with stress anxiety.

If you’re starting to notice trouble with sleep, mood, and relaxation, you’re not alone. Studies show that anxiety significantly increases during the holiday season.

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7 Workout Mistakes that Can Leave You in Pain

Man using a Wahl hot cold therapy massager.

Lend your health a hand by reading this quick refresher on seven common workout mistakes to avoid.

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The Beginner's Workout Checklist: What You Need to Succeed

A woman sitting on a yoga mat using a Wahl deep tissue massager.

Whether you’ve been out of the game for a few years or new to the game altogether, starting an exercise regimen can be intimidating. Here is a compiled Beginner’s Workout Checklist to get you started and sweating today!

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The Truth Hurts: State of American's Hurt

A woman using Wahl deep tissue massager.

Chances are you’re among this vast majority struggling with muscle and joint pain, and this means you’re also among the many searching for pain relief. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help manage pain, but the first step is understanding the issue.

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Natural Remedies for Pain Management

Woman on yoga mat using Wahl deep tissue massager.

Chronic pain is a tenacious problem that will not go away anytime soon, and has implications beyond the source of the pain. Here are some natural remedies to manage the pain.

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Healthy Resolutions: How to Go From Sore to More

Hot Cold Therapy Massager in a workout room

While time and commitment are often to blame, many fitness experts suggest sore and fatigued muscles have a lot to do with why we lose steam with the new routine. "No pain, no gain" is a fitness fallacy that you shouldn't fall into. Here's how to prevent overly sore muscles and how to recover with massage to get back in the gym.

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Natural Pain Remedies So You Can Ditch the Meds and Go Pill-Free

A woman using a Wahl deep tissue massager.

If you find yourself popping pain pills to help get you through your back, neck or shoulder pain, maybe it's time to ditch the meds and go pill-free.

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Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

A woman reading in her living room while using a foot massager.

Here are some gift ideas that last longer than typical one-and-done presents. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or random celebration, consider these gift options people will appreciate and use, and use, and use again.

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