News you can use from grooming experts

Appearance says a lot about you. The right haircut and facial hair can make you feel better about yourself, set good first impressions and reinforce positive attitudes in personal and professional lives. Look below to find tips, knowledge and news from a variety of experts that will help you get the most out of your personal grooming.

Priming and Trimming: 4 Ways to Maintain Your Trimmer

Maintaining Your Trimmer Title Graphic

A high-quality Wahl trimmer should last you many years, but only if you treat it right. Luckily, we’re here to help you keep your trimmer around for a good (and long) time.

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The Traveling Beard: Taking Care of Your Facial Hair While you Travel

Beard Care Travel Kit

A wise (and probably bearded) man once said, “vacation is having nothing to do, but having all day to do it,” and we agree. While we don’t expect you to spend all your time on vacay focusing on proper beard care, below is a guide for keeping a low-maintenance, yet tidy vacation beard on your travels.

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Trimming Down Your Options: Choosing the Right Beard Trimmer

Man with nice beard and title trimming down your options: choosing the right beard trimmer

A trusty beard trimmer is paramount in maintaining that look of manliness and adventure without succumbing to the “call of the wild." When choosing a trimmer for such an important job, there are a few things the whiskered must consider.

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Grooming the Groom: Pre-Wedding Grooming Checklist

Wedding Pictures of man with beard and his wife

There’s one aspect of wedding day prep the groom can’t procrastinate—grooming. Don’t stress; follow these ‘I did’ steps before saying ‘I do.’

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Discover the Best Beard for Your Face Shape

The best beard for your face shape

Depending on your face shape, some facial hair styles can be more flattering than others. So, fire up your trimmer and check out these five face shapes and some of the best styles for each.

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How to Maintain the Perfect Playoff Beard

My team vs. Your team playoff beards

As this year’s contenders advance to the MLB playoffs, Wahl’s team of facial hair experts are here to offer some advice on achieving the lucky playoff beard.

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Meet the New Wahl Man of the Year

After traveling to the Top 10 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America, and scouring through hundreds of contest entries, 11 men ‘made the cut’ as finalists in the Man of the Year Contest.

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Second Class Inducted into the Mustache Hall of Fame

Wahl, the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair teamed up with the American Mustache Institute (AMI) to unveil the second class of inductees to the Hall of Fame.

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Hair-topia: Top 10 Cities for Guys with Facial hair

Beards are all the rage these days, but if you’re a guy with scruff, some places are more welcoming than others...

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9 Life Skills You Should Know How to Do but Probably Don't

Do you know how to fix a leaky faucet or fillet a fish? Chances are you don’t, but that’s okay because help is on the way.

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Best Cities for Guys with Facial Hair

Name a pro sports team; now name a well-known whiskered athlete on that team.

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Top 10 Cities Most Welcoming of Whiskers

If you’re a guy with scruff, you may be interested to know some cities are more welcoming of your whiskers than others.

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